of disadvantaged sixth form students

enrol at Russell Group universities compared

with 44% of independent school students

Our Vision

All students, regardless of background, with the potential to apply to the UK's most selective universities, should have the opportunity to develop the skills, knowledge and confidence to not only make a competitive application to such universities but also to form the foundations that allow them to achieve their academic ambition once there.

Our 10-month online university preparation programme prepares disadvantaged students to apply to the UK's most selective universities  

We believe our programme has more impact on students' application success rates because:

  • It develops the skills and knowledge over the long term  leading to real confidence

  • We are online and always have been, this allows us to reach more students

  • Our sessions are taught live 

  • We have the support of Bonas MacFarlane's 600+ exceptional tutors

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Our Partner Schools

The experience of being a bright student in a state comprehensive is that it's sometimes easy to feel like you are further ahead than you really are.

Next Step Foundation has added challenge for our students. We've secured our first Oxbridge acceptance and we're delighted.


They've added capacity. It's been invaluable."

Ed Vainker, OBE

Executive Principal at Reach Academy Feltham & Director of Reach Children's Hub at Reach Academy Trust

Our Results

2017 Cohort

100% Russell Group acceptance rate

40% Oxbridge acceptance rate (4/10)

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2018 Cohort

91% Russell Group acceptance

25% Oxbridge acceptance rate (5/20)

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2019 Cohort

100% Russell Group acceptance

32% Oxbridge acceptance rate (12/38)

Since 2016 we have supported our scholars to achieve acceptance at the UK's most selective universities with astonishing rates of success. We believe that our emphasis  on developing critical thinking and problem-solving skills, as well as students' wider introduction to their subjects over the long term is what has determined such strong levels of success.


Our Programme has always been online in order to  reduce the barriers to helping those students that most need our support no matter where they are.


We have successfully supported 200+ students so far but . . . Now we need YOU to take us beyond our current numbers of 60 scholars each year.


We are aiming to raise £150k by the end of 2020 to double the numbers of students that we can help for our 2021 cohort. 


The Challenge


We rely on extremely dedicated tutors donating their time and expertise

and members of the public to donate whatever they can.

Get Involved

Can you support us directly as an individual donor?

Do you know an individual or organisation that might be able to help us further our mission?

Become a Corporate Funder

Could your company create a legacy by supporting bright students to fulfil their potential?


There are prospects for recruiting our scholars and offering internship opportunities.