"This is not just a case of access to opportunity or access to education. This is a matter of life and death.

Children from the least deprived backgrounds have a life expectancy that is 9.3 years less than that of their wealthier peers.


This does not have to be the case.

We have a chance to give more students consistent access to exceptional tutors who can support them to bridge the gap in skills and knowledge that will help them reach their educational ambitions.

The influence that a scholar can have on their family's life trajectory means this is not just a donation - this is a chance to Leave a Legacy." 


James Higgins | Chief Executive, Next Step Foundation

Support students through the 10-month programme

  • Each place costs £1,200

  • We ask for a minimum investment £6,000 - 5 scholars  or 1 scholarship per year for  5 years

Support a specific school or area

Lead the programme into a new area or new school and we can name scholarships after you or your business. 

Sponsor curriculum development

  • develop new courses

  • fund new residential programmes

  • add new subjects to the Extension Reading Series

Mentor students towards careers in your sector

  • Sponsor students interested in a pathway that aligns with your business needs and partner with us to mentor those students towards careers in your business sector

  • Provide speakers for our extension lectures and Alumni Network events.

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